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Why Do People Sell Notes?

​Congratulations!  You have successfully sold your property using seller-financing and are currently receiving payments.  So why would you now consider selling that note?  Click the More info button below and find out why most seller-financed real estate notes are sold eventually.




Why does Cascade Funding, Inc. buy Notes?

Why does it make sense for the holder of a note to sell it and for the professional note buyers at Cascade Funding, Inc. to buy that very same note?  Aren't the risks the same for each of us?  Click the button below for answers.



Why Choose Cascade Funding, Inc. to handle your transaction? 


There are thousands of people who claim to be "note buyers," but the truth is only a handful of companies in the country are the actual end-investor.  Click below for more information.

We Can Help!

What is my note worth?

Our goal at Cascade Funding, Inc. is to provide effective alternatives designed to convert your illiquid real estate note to a lump sum of immediate cash. 

We use our unparralled expertise in evaluating the unique characteristics of your receivable and match them with your goals.  Together we help you come up with a plan specific to your needs. 


Click the Learn more link below to check out our custom solutions and services. 

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