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Cascade Funding, Inc. is a financial investment corporation serving as an end-investor in real estate notes and other secured receivables.  Our expertise in evaluating the unique aspects of your receivable results in the greatest possible cash to you and fast, smooth closings.  Started in 1992 just outside of Seattle, Washington, Cascade Funding, Inc. was established to provide a liquid market for a variety of secured cash flow contracts.  

Cascade Funding, Inc. is in Kirkland, WA.  It is our only location.  We are not affiliated with any other company or organization.  In particular, we are not in any way affiliated with a company called Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust or Cascade Funding Alternative Holdings.


Thomas C. Brophy
Founder and Principal

The president and CEO, Thomas C. Brophy, is a seasoned professional in business administration and financial management.  He holds a Master of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Financial Management from Oregon State University and a Master of Science degree in Marine Biology from California State University, Fullerton.  After serving in several positions for two fortune 100 corporations in Washington, Mr. Brophy began Cascade Funding, Inc. to meet the increasing need in the private sector for immediate cash in exchange for contracts with cash flow provisions.  In its 26 years, Cascade Funding, Inc. has quietly grown to be a leader in the industry and was recognized as the 18th most productive investment corporations of its kind in the United States in 1997, 13th in 1998, and 15th in 1999 -- the last year these data were made available.





There are two reasons you should consider Cascade Funding, Inc. to handle the sale of your payments: PRICE and SERVICE.


PRICE. This is the amount of cash you are offered for the remaining payments on your contract.  Many note holders regard this as the most important criteria when deciding who to do business with.  Obviously, the greater the amount of cash someone will pay the better it is for the seller.  Every buyer of future payments has their own areas of expertise.  Some companies primarily purchase real estate notes, some structured settlements, others lottery winnings, and so on.  In each of these areas, there are further niches that companies occupy.  For example, in the case of real estate notes, some companies buy notes secured by houses; others prefer notes secured by commercial properties and still others prefer notes secured by raw land.   At Cascade Funding, Inc., our area of expertise is purchasing seller-carryback real estate notes; however, we are unique in the industry in that we purchase notes secured by any kind of real estate.  And most importantly, we are direct, end-investor real estate note buyers.  We make all note buying decisions in-house, purchase with our own funds, for our own portfolio, and we hold these investments until maturity.  This insures note sellers that they will receive the best possible price for their note and that the transaction will close easily (see below).


SERVICE. Although price is very important, sellers of any receivable must consider the kind of service they will receive. Most of these transactions are complicated and a poorly trained broker or inexperienced investor can delay closing of a good deal for many months, or even worse, can actually prevent you from being able to close your transaction.  In many cases, price is a secondary concern to service.  A poorly handled transaction can be a nightmare for a seller, especially if they need their cash quickly.  Today it seems there's an endless number of people who have attended TV infomercial courses or other seminars on how to broker these cash flows (see our page at Note Brokers for further information).  Almost without exception, these people are poorly trained and not professional. An extensive study performed by the largest note buyer in 1995 found that less than 1% of these people are still in business 12 months after they begin.  This is clear evidence of their inability to help people sell their payments.  Very often these people employ the bait and switch technique.  That is, they offer an unrealistic (i.e., high) price for the note in the hopes that they will get the deal in the door.  After reviewing the paperwork, they try very hard to find something wrong with the deal so they can cut the price to an appropriate amount -- the amount they should have offered the seller in the first place.  This is either deceptive or the result of a poor understanding of the business by the "note buyer."  Real estate note sales involve a lot of money and are very important.  Don't trust your note sale transaction to some "get-rich-quick, seminar graduate" or high-volume brokerage outfit (see below). Whether your transaction is $5,000.00 or $5,000,000.00, deal with professionals who know what they are doing and give your transaction the best chance of closing quickly, smoothly, and for an appropriate price.


Another relatively recent phenomenon in this industry is the boiler room type volume operation.  This consists of several brokers who band together and try to close as many deals per month as possible.  Their goal is to do many transactions; therefore, those deals that are difficult are generally put on the back burner in preference to those that can be closed quickly.  This is a terrible disservice to the public.  How would you feel if you needed your cash quickly and the company you're dealing with either doesn't have the expertise to handle it, or makes it a low priority because it's not easy enough for them to get closed quickly?  Companies you see advertising on television to purchase notes and other cash flows fall into this category.  Note sellers who try to sell to these companies get shuffled around from one person and then to another and then another, re-explaining everything each time.  Paperwork gets lost, and the deal often never gets closed, or does so months later.


At Cascade Funding, Inc. you deal with only one person -- the president of the company.  Administrative tasks are contracted out or handled behind the scenes by others, freeing the president to handle the important tasks.  There's no excuses or hiding behind subordinate employees.  We believe this provides the best chance for quick and smooth closings and at the proper price.  If you require further information, feel free to call us at (425) 820-5562 any time, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Pacific Time.



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