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Note Holder's Handbook

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Now available is our comprehensive handbook written specifically for those receiving payments on real estate-secured notes and contracts. This handbook is invaluable to anyone who sold a property and provided financing to the purchaser. Most people are unaware of their responsibilities as a note holder. You can't just sit back and hope your payments will come in month after month. There are a number of items you must monitor for as long as you have payments owed to you. As a note holder, you are much like a lender and you need to act like one or risk losing part or all of the remaining balance on your note. This handbook describes the steps you need to take to protect your investment; the same steps professional note investors take on every note they hold. In short, the handbook was written with the following two objectives: 1. To decrease or eliminate the risk in holding a real estate note; and, 2. To maintain the greatest cash value for your note should you ever wish to sell it.


The Note Holder's Handbook answers the following critical questions for note holders:


  • What Are The Risks In Seller-Financing?

  • Does Foreclosure Guarantee I'll Get My Money?

  • How Do I Protect My Investment?

  • Are Some Notes More Risky Than Others?

  • Do I Have Responsibilities As A Lender?

  • How Can I Decrease My Risk From Loss?

  • What Should I Know About The Payor?

  • Can I Eliminate My Risk Entirely?

  • What Do I Do About Property Taxes?

  • What Are The Best Terms To Accept?

  • What Do I Do About Hazard Insurance?

  • Should I Include A Balloon In The Note?

  • Do I Need Mortgagee Title Insurance?

  • Why Do People Sell Their Notes?

  • What Is My Security Position?

  • Why Is There A Discount?

  • Should I Receive Payments Directly?

  • Why Does Cascade Funding, Inc. Buy Notes?


When you are receiving payments on a real estate note, you have a valuable investment that needs to be protected. The cost of this handbook will be many times recovered if you take the necessary steps to limit your risk and protect your remaining balance. Order the handbook now, you will be very glad you did.

UPDATE:  We are very sorry, but this handbook is no longer available.  You can contact us at 425-820-5562 to see if we have any legacy copies available.  

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