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Below are a few of the emails we have received regarding the information on our web site at   Complete names and/or email addresses of the authors are listed only when we have asked and received written permission to provide them.   We have always maintained the policy of not commenting on specific companies or programs by name, only on the dubious claims some use to sell their courses.  Therefore, all references to specific companies, individuals, or programs have been removed from these testimonials. 


Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims

I wish I'd seen your website before I sank $3500 into the [name removed] cash flow "seminar"/etc.!!

I even paid for a "coach" to train me.  The training turned out to be little more than weekly calls to inform me of various websites that others found 'helpful'...


Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims

Thank you. I'm not completely sure what you have to gain by providing this counter to the claims.  In less than 8 hours I am supposed to start my 3 day training class with the company who is probably the main culprit - certainly the one that makes almost every claim in the list.  I was leaning toward asking for my 100% 1st day guaranteed refund (of $3,000) the minute I showed up, but now I am very sure I will do just that.  Thankfully, I had 10 days from the time of the initial introduction seminar to completely scour the internet and to send emails to approximately 200 of their own CCFC's [Certified Cash Flow Consultants] on their own website to get their opinions. And, amazingly, I just now found your web site.


By the way, they have about 2,000 CCFC's listed on their web-site. These are people who paid the $3,000 up front and then another $4,000 for web presence. This should be the best of the best. These are people that are so committed as to have spent $7,000 up to $10,000.  Amazingly, only 240 of the 440 (I chose for a sample) had all three essential communication points - a contact name, a telephone number and an email.  Of those, 40 had an email that came back as undeliverable.  That left 200 that I wrote to asking a variety of questions.  Of those 200, 53 responded (27%). Now, that should represent the super quality people.  These 53 people paid $7,000 to $10,000. They have all the necessary information available to be in the business.  They have a web-site.  They read their email, so they are still serious.  And, they answered their email.


Of those 53, the average amount of time they had been in "business" was 7 months.  Of the 53, 18 of them answered the question of "How many deals have you done?" The combined deals by the 18 people was four.  Amazingly, though I suspect the total number of deals of all 53 is probably less than 1 per person, almost all of the people were still optimistic and were definitely blaming themselves for it not working "so far".  Only a couple blamed the company for manipulating them into it.  I really think they were too embarrassed to say they made a huge mistake.  Keep up the good work.

Len Tinman


Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims


Thank you for the information on your website. I wish I had done some research and found it sooner before succumbing to the promises of an [name removed] infomercial.  I think I initially paid $125 to purchase their "[name removed]" program.  Of course, thousands more can be spent to enhance one's "business" with their automated monthly newsletter and other services.  A few weeks after purchasing the program, but right before I sent it back for my guaranteed 30-day refund, I received a call from one of [name removed]'s partner companies telling me that if I purchased a custom built website for $8000, my business would really take off, and would be fully automated with little effort needed on my part.  I bought it, hook, line, and sinker.  Fortunately, I soon thought better of my decision and contacted [name removed] to request a full refund.  They told me about their new affiliate program which was expected to generate between $600-800 a month for each affiliate. Their website claims that they expect one sale for every 40-80 hits on an affiliate website.  Usually the affiliate program costs $3000-4000.  Since they wanted to make me happy and still screw me over at the same time, they offered me an opportunity to buy into the affiliate program for only $1500, which would include two years of internet traffic generating services by one of their sister companies.  They would refund the rest of the money that I'd spent and retain the $1500.  Apparently no wiser for my dealings with them up to that point, I agreed.  That was in November, I believe.  To date, I've had 1140 hits to my website, and not a single sale.  I'm still out $1500.


Two weeks ago I sent a letter requesting a full refund of my $1500 and cancellation of my website because I no longer wish to be associated with their scamming company.  I haven't yet received a reply.  Based on your recommendation, I'm going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the FTC.


I am happy to say that I more recently received an invitation to another note company's free seminar, which was of course an advertisement for their 3-day, $3000 training.  At the end of the power point presentation by the slick guy in the fancy suit who talked fast and threw a lot of impressive numbers around, when a lot of people ran to the back of the room to sign up for the course, I stayed put for the question and answer session.  Before anyone asked a question, the presenter told us an anecdote about how an attendee had once asked him whether or not this was a legitimate business.  He told us how offended he was at the question, and that he answered the man by asking "how would you like it if I asked the same question about your business?"  He never did answer the man's question directly though, which I thought was interesting.  After my other lessons learned the hard way, I left without paying a cent, and I'll never go to another one of those seminars again.


My question: is there any way for those of us who have been scammed by these companies to band together and file a class action lawsuit or something?  They really must be stopped before they screw anyone else.  What can we do?

Follow up email from same person:

Sure thing (authorization to post the writer's name and email address).  I want to let you know that, based on your recommendation, I filed a complaint about [name removed] with the BBB.  It seems that they've had 39 other claims in the past 12 months and settled all but one, which was postponed for some reason.  [name removed] replied to the BBB within a day and said they were refunding all my money to my credit card, so I'm happy about that.  It had been a month since I sent a letter to [name removed] directly, asking for a refund.  I hadn't heard anything from them, but apparently filing a complaint with the BBB worked pretty quickly.

Thanks again,


Chris Bibbo


 Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims

My mother lost her home in a "no money down" real estate deal about 10 years ago. She got a $10,000 down payment, and never saw any more money. It confirmed what I'd always thought about these get-rich-quick schemes. Still, I was intrigued by an infomercial I saw this morning for [name removed]'s "[name removed]." A few things in the infomercial didn't quite add up, however; going to the website, the whole thing started to look downright shaky to me.  I searched a little farther on the web, and ran across your website.  The information you provided gave me a clear picture of what was going on with [name removed]'s "system," and made complete sense. I know you're not making any money from providing this information to people like me .... I just wanted to thank you for doing this.

You're welcome to post my name and e-mail on your website (and thanks for asking!). 

Thanks again for the great information.

Sean Herriott


Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims

Hello - thanks for posting the information on your website.  Last week I signed up for a $125.00 cash flow business by [name removed].  I have tried to make heads or tails of it but have gotten nowhere.  Later the next day, I [paid] another $350.00 for a website and advertising that would help me find the notes.  Everything you wrote on your website is true and I was sucked into just about every promise they made [as described on your website].  I suppose I am out the $475.00 but if there is anyway I can get it back - please let me know.  I am supposed to have a 30 day guarantee on the materials.   I will send them back but I doubt if I will ever see the money for the website.  If you can help me I would appreciate it.  The  websites involved [apparently with [name removed]] are [name removed], [name removed] and one of the others selling the seminars (which I refused to by) is [name removed].  I wish I had found you before I gave them my credit card.  Thanks for publishing the truth on your website. 


Kathleen Clemens


Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims

Dear Sir:

I want to commend you and Cascade Funding and W. J. Mencarow of The Paper Source for exposing the dishonesty of these seminar hucksters. Our company is a private, non-profit economic development lender to the small business community. We also provide free technical assistance and training to entrepreneurs. Occasionally we are asked to evaluate resource materials for our clients and the other economic development professionals working in our service area. Lately, we have been inundated with questions about the "cash flow industry". We purchased some of the materials for reference and found nothing to support their claims of instant wealth. What is true is that there are opportunities to trade paper, but unless one has a financial background and/or network to build upon, there is very little hope that a novice is going to be able to earn a living instantly. The circular "networks" are a waste of time and energy because the real deals are done by the network organizers, and the rest are simply recirculated through the mill until the seller gives up. Secondary paper is a huge component of the financial markets. Our organization deals in the SBA and USDA market where billions of dollars are traded [name removed] ally, but there are very few real players in the game. We all know each other and what our specialties are. No one wants to deal with an amateur when it comes to money. Our advice would be to go to work for an organization that legitimately works in the market to learn it first hand. There is nothing like "On the Job Training". It may not be as glamorous as the seminars make it sound, but if the industry intrigues you, learn from someone who is actually doing it, not just talking about it.


Diane Roehrig, President, Alabama Community Development Corporation Alacom Finance



Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims


WOW!  Here I was watching this infomercial for the [name removed] ([NAME REMOVED]) and listening to that [name removed] guy talk so sincerely and genuinely about this "opportunity".  This really looked like something special.  And I was all set to go tomorrow but decided to do a little searching...and just happened to find your site.  Do things happen for a reason or what? 


THANK YOU for saving me and hopefully many others a lot of money and time.  I'm tempted to print up some copies of your testimonials and pass them out to everyone at the session tomorrow - then sit back and watch the fun.  I truly feel for those who will get suckered by these seminar thieves over the next three days.  Thank you again.


Ken P. 
(please do not include my e-mail if you decide to post this - thanks) 


Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims

To Whom it May Concern:


Thank goodness I did research before I put one cent into [name removed]'s " [name removed]" scheme.  Your Website just proves what we ALL know to be true:  If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.  I would urge anyone who is thinking of investing even the smallest amount of money into a business they found out about via the Internet or Infomercial to do just a small bit of research.  All I did was go to and typed in "[name removed]" and NINE reference pages came up, most of them shooting down his program.  Also, just for everyone's information, I checked out [name removed]'s company (or one of them at least) - [name removed] via the Better Business Bureau and these are the statistics that I found:


Number of complaints processed by the BBB in last 36 Months: 24 
Number of complaints processed by the BBB in last 12 months: 23


And remember...these are just the ones that people REPORTED.  I can't imagine the number of people out there who were too ashamed to admit that they had been taken in by this jerk and just decided to forget about the whole thing and never reported it.  So I suppose there are many lessons to be learned here - the one about a wolf in sheep's clothing, buyer beware, and if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Respectfully submitted,




Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims: [name removed]

To Cascade Funding,

I would like to submit the following for inclusion on your website regarding [name removed], [name removed], and [name removed].  I would gladly include my email address of so that others can contact me if they want additional information.

I purchased the [name removed]'s [name removed] in January of 2003.  I have no training in real estate or note purchasing or selling, and was having difficulty understanding much of it.  Only later did I realize their course materials are specifically designed to that additional products, services, and/or training were needed - at GREAT additional expense.  The original purchase is woefully inadequate for a "beginner."  What I received were some glossy brochures and books, a video, and two CD ROMs.  However, I was unaware that what I purchased was merely a small portion of what is required to operate this "business."  I am very embarrassed and ashamed that I fell for the infomercial (damn that [name removed]!) and many of their sales pitches, but I'm angry enough to bite the bullet and share this information so that others don't follow in my footsteps and find themselves broke, bankrupt or worse!  I was repeatedly contacted, both by [name removed] ([NAME REMOVED]) and a company with whom they contract,  [name removed] or [name removed], to purchase additional tools and or training, ALL of which they insisted were REQUIRED TO BE SUCCESSFUL.  All of them used extremely high-pressured sales tactics, (the offer expires at midnight tonight, etc.).  One of them even went so far as to suggest I take a mortgage out on my house for FOURTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.  Others suggested I use my credit card to utilize a business practice they call OPM or using Other People's Money to "invest in myself."  After about 10 calls, I decided I'd had enough and requested a refund in March 2003.  Instead of a refund, I was offered a mentoring program they call Protégé (a 300 dollar value, supposedly, but given to me at no charge.)  Protégé turned out to merely be another method they utilize to sell additional products and services.  When I requested a refund a second time (via email, April 2003), they blocked my email address and I am no longer able to contact them by that means.  I do believe they are shady and unethical, and as some others on your site have mentioned, if selling notes was so successful, why is [name removed] selling course materials instead of real estate notes?  Out of some altruistic gesture to share his wealth and knowledge?  Please!  The ONLY "cash flow" going on with [name removed] is from you to him.  It's all about him achieving HIS financial dreams, not you achieving yours (or mine.).  My biggest regret is that I didn't read YOUR site before getting involved with these folks!  I want to make myself available to anyone wanting to discuss this with me.  Please publish my email address when/if you post my message.  I didn't get into all the specifics, to keep this fairly short for now.
Thank you for your consideration.

DO NOT publish my phone number, but you (Cascade Funding) may call me to verify any of this information. 
Tandy Murphy

Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims

I just linked on to your website and read with great interest about these get rich schemes that are being offered.  I purchased the [name removed] course for $125 and received quite an informative package and linked on to his web site wherein 100's of forms were offered to me to use to close a deal.  Having been a real estate mortgage broker in Calif many years ago, I thought I would get back into it here in Tennessee and that's why I sent for the program to see if it was worth it and would work.

Within seven days I was bombarded on the phone for one and a half hours about why I should be one of "selected students" to have the "one on one" course for only ... get this $6,291.00 to be charged on my credit card!!!!   Because I would "only have to make maybe 2 payments before I would be closing at least $2,000 in the five transactions that they would "walk me through."    Of course, I said no and they just wished me luck and hung up...

Thanks for your research on this...


Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims
First off, I would like to say thank you.  Today is the 4th of March, 2003, I attended one of [NAME REMOVED]s workshops last night.
I have always considered myself a bright and intelligent individual.  I have never been drawn into an infomercial, but I was into the one for the [name removed].  Something about it was so captivating and believable.  I made plans and chided my boyfriend into joining me at the seminar the next night.  I traveled 2 hours in rush hour traffic, sat through 2 1/2 hours in the seminar, quelled thoughts of "oh, God, what am I doing?", wrote a check for $1,500, went to the hotel lounge for celebratory drinks, paid for parking (saving my receipts - as I'd be writing this all off soon), and spent another hour and a half driving home, with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head.
In the cool light of day, as I was reveling in my newfound link to financial stability and a real chance at a solid future for my boyfriend and our boys, my boyfriend brought me back to earth.  He, being the web-savvy guy that he is, started doing some research.  He couldn't find much of anything on the much-acclaimed company [NAME REMOVED], the instructional institution [NAME REMOVED], or their employees.  So he dug deeper.  And deeper.  The worms started coming to the surface.  He sent me the information as quickly as he came across it, and thank God, banks can stop payment on checks.  I figure myself to be one of the extremely lucky ones.  Yes, I was a sucker that day, but only to the tune of about $100.00, instead of $5,400.00.
The presenter, [name removed], was extremely effective at what he does.  No wonder they pay him to do it.  However, my boyfriend was able to delve into [name removed]s' life a little as well, and uncover many untruths.  Nothing worse in my book than being outright lied to.
I wish much continued unsuccess to anyone who is involved with the unscrupulous side of this industry.
I believe I'll try to instigate some flyers being distributed at the doors to the training session that I was scheduled to attend, along with emailing the other hopeful participants of the seminar I attended, being sure to include truthful information and links to other resources.  Are there any suggestions you can make for combating these types of companies and ruthless people?  What kind of action can we take as average citizens to see to it that a stop be made to this kind of con game?
Thank you again for your extremely informative and supportive site, and for letting me vent a little.  
Lisa A. Day


Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims

Thanks for publishing this information.  I attended an introductory workshop from [NAME REMOVED] yesterday; I walked away without enrolling in their
course, but was still thinking about whether to enroll or not.  I now am happily one of the "almost" victims. Yes, you may use my name.  I wish you all the success in trying to rid your industry of those vultures.

Best regards, Kate Dubiel


Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims

I would like to thank you for opening my eyes to this scam by the [NAME REMOVED].  For the past couple of weeks I have been trying to find out more about this business.  I was about to pay $3,000 for the course when thank God I found your page.  To your readers here is how the seminar works:  A speaker tells you how he was down in the dumps and then attended this course and boom made almost $100,000 in less than 3 months.   He shows copies of deposit slips as proof.  Also, he claims there has never been a better time than now to get into the business, that no matter how the economy is this is a win win business.  He also compared the business against franchises.   Last, he dropped the bomb, the course is $4,995 but if you act now it will be $2,995.  Like most people I walked out because: 1.   I didn't have the cash, and 2. I had just gotten married and I had to tell my wife.   But there were a few people there using their credit card.  It brings me to today 1/9/03.  I was about to write a check  to [NAME REMOVED]. when I decided to call their office.  I had talked to a lady several times already.  I just had a couple of questions to ask.  One was why wasn't she in the business?  She said she was, but then [I asked] why was she answering phone calls?  If  you can make so much money part time in this business, why would you be working answering the phone?    Another question, if you made so much money doing these deals (a turn key program) isn't $2,995 an awfully cheap price for such valuable knowledge?  Later in the day surfing the net I found cascadefunding.  Thank you, thank you for opening my eyes.  When you're in financial distress you look for anything and these vultures know that.  I don't know how to thank you guys, for saving me, my money, and maybe my marriage.   I would like to know if there is anyone out there who has completed the course to please tell your experiences, don't help these people by not saying a word.   Is there a website other than yours that discuss these issues?

Thanks, Dayron Padilla


Subject:  Bogus Seminar Claims


After watching one of those info-shows, I  thought I'd research the web to learn more about NOTES. Your site provides
ample information in a straight forward manor making it clear that NO FINANCIAL opportunity is ever easy. (Which I knew already, but wouldn't it be nice?!)

I am writing this to thank you for an excellent site.

Regards, JCMoritz


Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims

Thanks for your website exposing this scam. Your article addressed every one of their claims. Good heavens!!! Fortunately, I checked this out prior to attending a seminar and am canceling my contract.  Keep up the great work.

-Gary K.


Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims

I have just gone through some points you raised in your website against the promoters of cash flow brokering.  There is nothing for me to say other than you are right.   I went through this seminar today, organized by "[name removed] " and this [prompted me to] check this out on the [internet].  I witnessed people lining up to part with their $3,000 dollars. The question I would like to ask is:  If this is such a dubious scheme, why are these people not treated like any other criminals?   Why are they allowed to operate openly and freely; even advertise in the newspapers and televisions?


Subject:  Bogus Seminar Claims: [name removed]

As a somewhat knowledgeable broker and holder, I requested his package to review.   I felt that it was fairly priced and worthwhile in content. What I didn't [like] was the high pressured sales pitches I received afterwards, with mentoring programs, newsletters on disc to promote my business and so on.  All of this would come with a price tag of course, around $5,000 plus!  I would hope that people that are not knowledgeable in the business would keep their money.  I have been in the insurance and investment business for 20 years and there are NO FREE LUNCHES!  Needless to say I made a couple of high pressure sales people mad, but like you say, if they were worth their salt and able to turn deals as often as they say, they would be doing it themselves and not preying on people's dreams.


Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims

Last night I went to a seminar by [name removed]. They used just about all the claims you mentioned on your website. Have you heard of them?   I would have to say this was one of the slickest presentations I've seen.  Have you heard of [name removed] and do you have anything to say about them?

Thanks for your help.

Mark K.

Thanks for your quick reply.  The presenter said that he was not professional presenter but rather a Certified Cash Flow Consultant that had been hired by [NAME REMOVED] and to forgive him if he stumbled in the presentation (words to that effect). Believe me he didn't bumble or stumble through the presentation.  He was extremely polished.   He provided samples of deals he did which were quite large.  I can't say if they are bogus or not.  He has a website.  I have requested my money back.   By the way what name did they go by before [NAME REMOVED]?  The President of this group is [name removed]?  Have you heard of this guy?  You are probably aware of the many swindlers we have had here in Florida and [name removed] in particular, [name removed] and [name removed]. We seem to attract these guys with a vengeance. [NAME REMOVED] is based in [name removed].   Thanks for posting the information on the internet. I found your site quite by accident and I'm glad I did. You laid out the major points they used like you were at the presentation.  The bit about 60 ways to make money, no time like the present, I'll be your coach/mentor, etc.

Mark K.


Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims

I want to pass on a bit of thanks. I, like most people, am financially strapped - broke is the word that describes me a little more accurately.  My wife works about 70 hrs a week while I am finishing school. I was really considering buying into "one of those courses". That is, until I stumbled on to your site.  Thank you for the information contained in your site. 

Marcus & Suz S.


Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims


I think his name is Pete.  He spent 40 mins on Cash Flow Industry but spent 1 1/2 hours talking about "self-employment," "financial  independence, etc."  That's why I think I need to find out about the credibility of the program.  I only spent 30 mins on the web and got your article.



Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims – Thank You!

Thank you very much for putting this article out to the public.  I had so many doubts last night in Pasadena DoubleTree Hotel during the seminar - because I got hurt many years ago with a NTC - a long distance networking company.  Your messages are so strong and solid that I now don't even [have to] think about it!!!  Thank you for your work and for being nice enough to speak out for many people like me to know better about this industry.   WHEN IT'S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS NOT TRUE."



Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims

Is the "[name removed] " out of Florida the real deal or just a bunch of junk?  I saw the infomercial on t.v Monday night.



Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims

Thanks for the warning signs on your web page.  I recently went to one of these introductory seminars given by the [name removed] and co-sponsored by the [name removed].  Can you tell me anything about the [name removed] or the [name removed]. They are based in [name removed], Florida.  Are they the official trainers of certified cash flow consultants?   The following sales pitches were made (in addition to some of the ones on your web site):

1. This seminar was paid for by the [name removed] to train cash flow consultants in the Los Angeles area.  These buyers have millions of dollars to invest in the LA area but need a sales force to put them in contact with sellers.

2. Funders Rebate Program. - After closing your first 3 transactions, the Funder will refund a portion of the tuition, up to $1000 dollars per transaction.  Thus, on the 4th, 5th, and 6th transactions, with each giving $1000 rebate, you will recoup your tuition costs. (The tuition and training promotion cost for that day was $3000.)

3. Free Lead program - after the 3 day training program, the institute will provide 7 leads to get your business started.  I must admit, I was impressed by the second and third promise listed above.  Being able to recoup my initial investment was a big lure to joining the program.  Also, being given leads as a starting point will enable me to quickly get into the business.  This sounds like a win-win situation.  If you can provide any information on the [name removed] or any insight on how they can meet (or fail to meet) the above claims, I would greatly appreciate it.   Please reply to my email or add this info to your web site. 


Darla H.

 Thanks Thomas for your reply. You have really given me something to think about.   My syllabus for the 3-day training course (scheduled for this weekend) spends a considerable amount of time on "Factoring."  I have not been able to find any information on this. Do you know what "factoring" is?   Is this term unique to [NAME REMOVED] or is it called something else in the business?  Also, your web site mentions there's really only 3-4 unique types of cash flows purchased by investors and only one of these is commonly purchased. What are those unique cash flows? 

Thanks again.

Darla H.


Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims

Mr. Brophy,

Thanks for the advice. You may also want to put this link on your 'Warning' web page. It is an article from Jane Bryant Quinn of the Washington Post.  She exposes the very organization that sponsored the seminar I went to selling the $5,000 course. I understand this article also got printed in Newsweek.

Marc H.


Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims

To whom it may concern,

I found your page on all the note brokering seminars very interesting and would like your opinion on something.  I have an interest in possibly brokering notes in the future and I recently visited a web site called the Paper Source Journal authored by a gentleman named [name removed].  He offers what seems to me so far (I've gotten through the first 2 (lessons) to be a fairly comprehensive OVERVIEW of the note business in a 7 part free introductory course. This information SEEMS very down to earth and without any outrageous claims but I would like to know if any of you folks, being in the business, have heard of him or his publication and if so what do you think of him. I fully realize that this business takes quite a bit of hard work (what  business doesn't?) and study but thanks to straight shooters like you folks I hope to avoid at least some of the pitfalls. 

P.S. It is my desire some time in the future (after some extensive study) to pursue a relationship with your very professional company in a brokering capacity and would like to know what you require to begin any such relationship.

Thank you very much for your time and any information you may be able to provide


Scott D.


Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims

I recently purchased the "[name removed]" from [name removed]'s company. I've read over the information and it doesn't sound very easy at all and expensive.  Besides this I would like to get an education in this industry.  I am currently in the Navy, and I'm looking for a job after I get out.  This is the reason I'm writing you.  I would like to know the courses I need to take to get myself a real education in this business. If you could please take the time to respond and answer my question I would really appreciate it.

Lucas J.


Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims

Dear Mr. Brophy,

Thank you! Your website 'Warning' to brokers page just saved me $5,000.  On Monday, I went to a 'free' seminar in Tampa, Florida from the [name removed].  I almost fell for it, but the 3 day course dates was not good for me and I was uneasy about the sales pressure to buy that night.  So I walked, but have wondered if I did the right thing.  It occurred to me that much of the value of what they were selling was the binder on Funding Sources.  I wondered if that information could be found in the public domain (and still wonder if it is).  So I decided to do some research and came upon your website.

Thanks again,

Marc H.


Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims

Thank you for answering the most important question. While I realized some of this, I did not take it all into consideration. I am going to rethink this before going forward.

Take care,

John D.


Subject: Bogus Seminar Claims


I came across your web page ( during an Internet search. I attended a sales pitch by [name removed] ([NAME REMOVED]) last week. I was doing some research on [NAME REMOVED]/[NAME REMOVED] prior to signing up  for their 3-day course that costs around $3000.  I have not decided yet on this course as this is an expensive starting affair!  Now that I came across  your webpage, I have some serious concerns about this course. I would like your input.  Have you heard of [NAME REMOVED] ([name removed] based in [name removed] FL)?   Is it another "black listed" course provider??  [NAME REMOVED] provide a certification (CCFC - Certified Cash Flow Consultant) after completing the course.  How recognized is [NAME REMOVED] certification?  Is this certification necessary to become a successful note broker or cash flow professional?    Does a certified broker have better access to a large pool of funding sources?  

Any input in this regard is highly appreciated.




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